The Lawn and Landscape Industry has certainly changed over the last 10 years. In several ways the changes have been good – technology, equipment, etc.

Unfortunately, something else that has changed DRASTICALLY is the labor pool that business owners in our industry have to choose from.

The days of finding and keeping decent, hard working employees that would show up every day and be productive at an affordable rate are seemingly all but GONE.

It is extremely difficult to operate and grow a business if you do not have reliable, sober, productive people to do the work.

This creates a lot of problems for business owners…

  • Stress
  • Increased Expenses
  • Inability to Grow
  • Less Productivity
  • Less Profit

But there is some good news…

There are a lot of small business owners in this industry who do not want to grow their business very big. They like the idea of remaining small, working alone or maybe with a helper.

This has created a significant amount of opportunity for those smart enough to take advantage of how things have changed.

This business model is not unique unto itself but in the Lawn Care and Landscape industry it has been rare up until now to see a company operate this way.

The advantages of this business model include:

  • Minimal Expenses
  • No Trucks, Trailers, Equipment
  • Any Service Ca Be Sold
  • Services Can Be Sold Anywhere
  • Add-On Services Are Even Easier to Sell
  • No Employees

If you would like to have more free time in your life, deal with far less stress, make more money and not have to deal with employees any longer, you owe it to yourself to learn how this business model works.

The book I have created includes everything you need to know including:

  • An Explanation of the Model
  • How to Set Up the Business
  • Services to Sell
  • How to Bid & Price Your Work
  • Who to Work With
  • Rules, Expectations & Communication
  • Examples of Ads and Agreement

Lawn and Landscape business owners have been asking me to create this book for over a year now and it is FINALLY FINISHED!


No Waiting!

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