I provide a variety of services to help lawn and landscape business owners. Below is a list of these services and a brief explanation of each service. If you are interested in any of these services and would like to learn more or have a discussion, please e-mail me directly at

Sean Adams Business CoachingCoaching. I have done “consulting” work in the past and it is not easy to do unless you are able to be on site working very closely with the business owner. I prefer “coaching” instead. My coaching service is very laid back and simple, but it has proven to be extremely effective for hundreds of business owners. In a nutshell, I am here for you whenever you need me. I answer your questions, give you ideas, tell you what works and what doesn’t work. You can run things by me and I give you an honest and in-depth opinion. You receive a weekly e-mail with new ideas, exercises and topics as well as my weekly LIVE conference call. You also receive all of my books and guides for FREE. I tell my students what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. We can communicate any time 24/7/365 via text, e-mail and by phone. The price is $200 per month with no contracts or obligations.

Sean Adams Website BuildingWebsite Creation. If you do not have a website for your lawn care and landscaping business, you do not need me to tell you how important it is to have one. I create simple, attractive, easy to navigate, optimized websites for lawn care and landscaping companies all over the country. Bells and whistles do not mean much if your website is not found by your potential customers. The websites I build get found, they are mobile friendly and affordable. If you are in need of a website for your business, my turn-around time is usually less than a week and my price ranges from $250 and up depending on complexity. If interested, please e-mail me.

Online Presence managementOnline Presence Management. Having a website is a must. but once your site is built, the work is not over. Your website must be found. This means you must have a strong, correct and accurate presence online. I make sure your website is found. If I did not create your site I make suggestions for improvement. I continually list your website on important directories. I manage and update your Google My Business listing. If there is a place online your website and business should be, I make sure you are there. I also manage your review site listings such as AngiesList, YELP, etc. This service is priced between $99 monthly up to $349 monthly depending on how competitive your area is and how important a strong internet presence is to you and your business.

Facebook ManagementFacebook Management. There are plenty of social media sites out there. But the only one that still makes any sense when it comes to having a consistent presence is Facebook. That is where your customers are and Facebook is a platform that encourages people to find service providers. Most business owners make the mistake of creating a business page and rarely posting or they go overboard and post too much, usually “commercial type posts”. Little do they know, these posts are rarely seen. I post a consistent mixture of interesting information, pictures, videos, memes and more that will intrigue your audience and make them take notice. This service costs $99 a month if I post three times per week on your behalf and $149 a month if I post 5 days a week on your behalf. I am also willing to create your Facebook Business Page at no extra cost.

Testimonials From My Clients

“For awhile there I thought maybe Sean was having me followed. When he would explain a situation it was exactly what I was going through. This guy not only knows his stuff but he knows how to break things down so everything makes sense.”


“It’s the best money I spend every month. When I need him I text him or call him. It’s perfect. He is to the point and has probably saved me $100,000 in mistakes alone.”


“Facebook is a pain in my butt but I know I need to be on there. I turned things over to Sean this past fall and now it is not only out of my hands but I am picking up some really good work.”


“The only regret I have is not signing up sooner. I received Sean’s emails and I never thought it made sense to spend money on advice. My wife convinced me to call him just to hear what he had to say. I was expecting some stuffy business type that would irritate the hell out of me. Sean is the exact opposite. He’s a good guy and you can tell he cares.”


“I thought it would cost at least a couple thousands dollars to have a nice looking website built for my business. I talked to a few local companies and their prices were all over $1,500. Sean built my website for $300 and he also manages my internet stuff as well and it has been far better than I could have imagined. Best money spent on my business by far.”


“I thought I knew what I was doing. I had been in business for 7 years. The very first call with Sean and I knew I had a lot to learn from this guy. In two years I have less debt, way less stress and I make more money because I have better employees and better customers.”


“I tried other consultants and mentors but they did not know the Green Industry so a lot of their advice did not pertain to me and my problems. Sean knows this industry and he knows what I am going through. It makes learning a heck of a lot easier. Wish I had signed up sooner.”


“Whenever I get discouraged or start to feel burned out, I reach for the phone and call Sean. He’s not a cheerleader trying to pump me up with a bunch of rah-rah nonsense. He knows how to listen, evaluate my problems and suggest solutions. He also doesn’t sit there and coddle me and that is what I appreciate most.”


“I bought several of Sean’s books over the years and I learned a lot. I contacted him to ask a few questions and he spent an hour on the phone with me which I thought was awesome. I signed up for his internet service, then Facebook and now he is my coach. My business is much better off now.”


“It’s really like having a partner in my business. He listens and then tells me what I need to hear, not what he thinks I want to hear. He has changed the way I handle myself and my business.”


“I got the opportunity to bid on a huge job. He explained to me how to present the bid. I sent it to him before I turned it in, he found a few mistakes and fixed them. I got the contract – 3 years, $70,000 per year.”


“This is my 3rd year using Sean as my coach. He has helped me make at least $300,000 in revenue I wouldn’t have made without him. I’d say it’s a good deal.”