Grow Your Lawn and Landscape Business by Only Spending $200

$200The phone has to ring and the email box has to fill up for you to grow your lawn and landscape business.

No leads means no work, no work means no money, no money means… It’s time to get a job.

Maybe you do not have a lot of money to spend however. What can you do?

If you are willing to spend the time, here is a quick run down of how you can grow your entire business or even a portion of your business with only $200 to spend.

1.) 200 targeted direct mail letters in #10 envelopes with first class stamps ($100)

2.) 1,000 door hangers ($25)

3.) 2,000 attractive, multi-colored flyers ($75)

Yes, it will take some time to create, address and stuff the envelopes and it will certainly take some time to pass out 1,000 door hangers and 2,000 flyers, but if you do not have a lot (or any) money to spend and you want your business to grow, this is one of the ways you can make it happen quickly.


Landscape Business Owners: Don’t Wait, Fix It Now

fix it later

I provide coaching services for lawn and landscape business owners. I have been doing this for close to 15 years now. Recently I have devoted more of my time to work with business owners and there is something I notice far too often with lawn and landscape business owners…

They know their business needs help, they know things need to change, they know that mistakes have been made and they know they need to do something about it, but they have this weird belief that the best time to fix it is “this winter”.

I cannot begin to count how many times I have heard the following…

“Things have not been going well. I need to make a lot of changes and improvements but I am going to wait until this winter to do what needs done.”

If you are reading this and you have said this to yourself, I am telling you now that waiting is a mistake. I know that during the season you are much busier, but if you don’t stop what you are doing immediately and start to make the needed changes, more time will pass, more mistakes will be made and it will be that much harder to get things pointed back in the right direction.

Now is as good a time as any. Get to work.

Landscape Employees: Hire With Your Head, Not Your Heart

head not heart

All of the business owners I work with as a coach have heard me say many times…

“Your job, first and foremost, as the owner of your company is to make the best decisions possible at all times, even if they are unpopular, make someone else feel bad or even make you feel bad.”

This is business. This is not about making friends. It happens too often when hiring people.

You should always try and hire the absolute best “person” you can afford. Notice I emphasized “person”. Experience and resumes don’t matter as much as they used to. Now it is about finding someone with the right attitude who will show up every day and do their job.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people in our business to find people like this.

What hasn’t changed unfortunately is people in our industry hiring the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

I’m all about giving people a chance, but if someone strolls into your office with a criminal history, they are a recovering addict and they have had 4 jobs in the last 2 years, chances are they are not going to be someone you should hire.

You are not in business to help people get back on their feet or rehabilitate themselves.

Use your head.

You’re a Landscape Business Owner, Not an Accountant


I am an advocate for knowing the numbers of your business. Ask anyone who has ever experienced any kind of success in this industry and they will tell you that understanding their numbers played a large role in that success.

But I am not a fan of business owners who try to become too many things above and beyond being the owner of the company.

Some people call this “micromanagement” – trying to control or be a part of every tiny little aspect of the business.

Keep track of your numbers, review your numbers, make decisions based off your numbers but quit trying to learn the tax code. Save that headache for the bean counters that you pay a few times a year to ensure compliance.

Why Your Lawn and Landscape Business Should Use Telemarketing


We as landscape business owners can’t stand it when people stereotype us as dirty, uneducated ditch diggers who just cut grass and drive around in rusted out trucks all day long.

Telemarketing gets the same unfortunate treatment – you know what I’m talking about… the foreign, late night caller you can’t understand trying to sell you something or scam you somehow.

Look past that – way past that… because telemarketing works.

1.) It’s personal – it’s one person speaking to another if done the right way

2.) It’s targeted – you decide who you call

3.) It’s immediate – you know right away if they are interested or not

4.) It adds to other marketing – a letter followed up by a call increases effectiveness by as much as 50%

5.) It gives great feedback – you learn a lot from the people you speak with

If you are considering telemarketing for your lawn and landscape business, email me directly at – we have been providing these services for years in this industry effectively and affordably.