I am asked all the time by lawn and landscape business owners I work with as well as my competitors how I grew my business and how I was able to acquire the very best high paying residential and commercial clients.

I never hesitate when I answer them…

Direct Mail. Sending Letters.

      • Do Flyers Work? Yes.
      • Do Door Hangers Work? Yes.
      • Does Social Media Work? Yes.
      • Does Internet Advertising Work? Yes
      • Does TV and Radio Work? Yes.

They all work. But none of them work as well as direct mail.

If you know what to send and to who, you have a MASSIVE advantage over your competition.

And once you land those high paying customers everyone else wants, the best way to keep them and continually make money from them is also from…

You guessed it…. Direct Mail.

I have put together 33 Letters that you need for your lawn and landscape business. These letters will:

      • Help You Acquire The Best Clients
      • Sell More Work to Existing Clients
      • Collect Your Money
      • Keep Lines of Communication Open

I have put these letters together in a simple format that allows you to make quick changes so you can use them right away.