Google Services

I do not need to go into great detail about the importance of your business being found online. If you are not online, it is as if you do not even exist.

Having a website is still important, but now, with Google being the “go-to” place for everyone for anything they need, being found on Google is actually MORE important than even your website.

In fact, statistics show that people looking for service providers go to Google and when they find what they are looking for, they tend to call immediately versus looking at a website… Crazy, right?

But, that’s how things work these days – people want what they want and they want it now.

Google knows this and that is why they have the “Google My Business” option.

Claiming and correctly filling out and now updating your profile is CRUCIAL for being found in the “Google 3 Pack” – meaning one of the top 3 service providers shown when someone performs a search.

Google does not make anything easy. They are always changing what they do, what they create, what they offer and how it works. You have to stay on top of these things to be found by your potential customers.

I provide a very simple and affordable service to help you take advantage of this FREE advertising that Google offers.


1.) I claim your “Google My Business” page/profile for you if you haven’t already

2.) I optimize your profile by providing information, pictures, titles, posts, etc. I choose the proper categories and make sure you are being found in all of the relevant areas you provide your service.

3.) I update your profile every month with new pictures and posts – this is now EXTREMELY important to ensure you are found in the “Google 3 Pack”.

4.) Any time you want new information, pictures or posts added, I add them for you.

5.) I keep track of statistics and show them to you – who is visiting your page, pictures they are looking at, if they are calling you, if they are using a computer or smart phone, etc.

NO Set-Up Fee, NO Contract, NO Change in Price – Ever!

*** Only $14.95 a Month ***

If you are interested in this service, please email me directly at and I can gather all of the needed information and explain the process.

If you are ready to sign up, please click the button below – you can pay with credit card or PayPal and then I will contact you directly.