Commercial Property Client Marketing Service

Do You Want More Commercial Property Leads and Opportunities???

If you already service commercial clients then you know that there is very serious money to be made with these types of clients.

The larger companies in our industry sometimes seem to have a stranglehold on the commercial properties in the marketplace and I can tell you why…

They are constantly…

  • Calling Commercial Properties
  • Building Their Commercial Property Database
  • Finding Out Who Makes The Decisions
  • Finding Out When They Can Bid on Work

Small and medium sized companies in our industry wait for commercial property owners and managers to call them primarily because they do not have the time, resources and manpower to pursue these types of clients.

We gathered nearly a dozen business owners together who service commercial properties and we asked them to help create an AFFORDABLE service they knew would benefit their businesses and here is what THEY came up with:

1.) The business chooses areas (zip codes) they would like more commercial opportunities.

2.) We build a database of these types of properties – hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings, nursing homes, banks, hospitals – anything that is not residential.

3.) We create this database for your company which includes Property Name, Property Type, Address, City, Zip Code, Phone Number, Contact Person and anything else we can gather.

4.) We call a minimum of 50 properties per month on your behalf and we introduce your company to them, ask who makes the decisions and we try to find out when and/or if they are accepting bids for the services you provide.

5.) If we find out there is a bid opportunity, we let you know immediately at no extra cost.

6.) At the end of each month we turn the database over to you so you have a copy of it and can see the progress we have made, notes we have taken, etc.

7.) Territories will be exclusive. We will not create and/or share your database with anyone else while we are working together.

8.) The price for this service is ONLY $250 per month – no extra cost if bid opportunities are provided.

If you are definitely interested in this service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, territories are exclusive and we cannot provide our service in the zip codes that are spoken for.

So if you are interested in finding out more about this service e-mail us directly at and we can send you the details.