Sean Adams is not your typical entrepreneur. He began his first lawn and landscape business in 1989 when he wanted to avoid a summer job. He bought an old lawn mower from a friend, borrowed his mom’s station wagon and his journey began.

With zero guidance, zero experience and not a penny given to him, Sean kept building that business which still exists today.

Since then Sean has started, operated, owned and/or invested in over 40 different businesses – restaurants, barbershops, websites, magazine publishing, online communities, convenience stores, political platforms, window cleaning businesses, social media marketing, online advertising, real estate and the list goes on.

In 1999, Sean decided he wanted to help other lawn and landscape business owners and teach them how to be organized, efficient, make the right decisions, avoid costly mistakes and help keep them motivated to succeed.

In 2000, Sean got involved with a fledgling website called LawnSite which he eventually took ownership of and developed into one of the largest and most recognized B2B online communities winning multiple national awards along the way.

He has also authored and published several books which are now available to lawn and landscape business owners HERE

Today, through his blog and coaching service, Sean’s focus is helping lawn and landscape business owners recognize the freedom, joy and financial windfall that can come from owning a company and not just a business.