Lawn Care Company Being Called a Bully

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Gloria Davis admits her yard was once an eyesore and that’s why she hired Green Grass Lawn and Sprinklers to.

“I didn’t have grass on the southside of the lawn,” Davis said. “It was pretty bad.”

Eric Williams, the owner of Green Grass Lawn and Sprinklers, assured her that was a problem he could solve. And he almost did.

“By mid-end of September I had grass,” Davis said. “It was beautiful.”

Davis, a middle school teacher, was so thrilled she started talking to Williams about doing landscaping on her side and backyard.

“He sent a proposal, but that was like $6,000 and that was way out of the question,” Davis said. “So then he came back with one for $1,500, which was still out of the question for me.”

That’s why Davis was so surprised a few weeks later when she saw men digging large holes in the yard of her Kansas City home.

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