My $2,600 Day

The following is an e-mail I sent to my subscribers…

A couple of days ago I launched my new book – The Subcontractor Business Model for Lawn Care and Landscape Companies.

Man, I got a TON of questions about the book, the model, the process, etc.

I want to tell you about my $2,600 day yesterday….

#1 – I did not lift a finger, sweat, bleed, step in dog crap, get sunburn, get dehydrated…. You get the picture.

#2 – I had 6 different contractors out in the field making me money.

#3 – Here is the breakdown….

  • I earned $450 on a parking lot being re-sealed and striped.
  • I earned $250 on commercial windows being caulked.
  • I earned $600 on a retaining wall being torn down and rebuilt.
  • I earned $300 on a large residential mulch job.
  • I earned $400 on two large above ground wooden planters being built.
  • I earned $650 on a municipal park being brush hogged, cleaned up and a play area mulched.

#4 – The only job I was personally involved in was going to a nursery to pick up a yard of mulch for the park job that was being performed.

Is it like this every single day? No. Some days it is even more lucrative and other days only revenue from recurring services like mowing is where I earn money.

But here is the bottom line….

There are so many skilled, small contractors out there who do NOT like to advertise, coordinate work, sell jobs, etc. They just want to do the work. They want to earn a fair amount of money for the work they do.

You can completely change your existing business to this model or you can “add” this model on to your existing business.

It is a no-brainer and I regret not doing this so much sooner.

The book I have written explains everything step-by-step, includes answers to all the questions people have about this model and it includes the ad you need to run to find the best subcontractors and the agreement they need to sign to keep everything in order.

Oh and I forgot to mention…. NO employees which I’m sure you know is a beautiful thing all by itself.

The guide is available now, you receive it as soon as you order and there is a 100% money back guarantee.

Here it is —>


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