Landscape Employees: Hire With Your Head, Not Your Heart

head not heart

All of the business owners I work with as a coach have heard me say many times…

“Your job, first and foremost, as the owner of your company is to make the best decisions possible at all times, even if they are unpopular, make someone else feel bad or even make you feel bad.”

This is business. This is not about making friends. It happens too often when hiring people.

You should always try and hire the absolute best “person” you can afford. Notice I emphasized “person”. Experience and resumes don’t matter as much as they used to. Now it is about finding someone with the right attitude who will show up every day and do their job.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people in our business to find people like this.

What hasn’t changed unfortunately is people in our industry hiring the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

I’m all about giving people a chance, but if someone strolls into your office with a criminal history, they are a recovering addict and they have had 4 jobs in the last 2 years, chances are they are not going to be someone you should hire.

You are not in business to help people get back on their feet or rehabilitate themselves.

Use your head.


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