Why Your Lawn and Landscape Business Should Use Telemarketing


We as landscape business owners can’t stand it when people stereotype us as dirty, uneducated ditch diggers who just cut grass and drive around in rusted out trucks all day long.

Telemarketing gets the same unfortunate treatment – you know what I’m talking about… the foreign, late night caller you can’t understand trying to sell you something or scam you somehow.

Look past that – way past that… because telemarketing works.

1.) It’s personal – it’s one person speaking to another if done the right way

2.) It’s targeted – you decide who you call

3.) It’s immediate – you know right away if they are interested or not

4.) It adds to other marketing – a letter followed up by a call increases effectiveness by as much as 50%

5.) It gives great feedback – you learn a lot from the people you speak with

If you are considering telemarketing for your lawn and landscape business, email me directly at sean@lawncaresuccess.com – we have been providing these services for years in this industry effectively and affordably.


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