New Year’s Resolutions For Your Landscaping Business

Should you even bother? Will you follow through? Chances are, you won’t… At least that is what is shown statistically about New Year’s Resolutions in general.

I am talking about resolutions for your business.

Things you want to change, improve, stop doing, start doing, etc….

Here’s some good ones:

1.) Call an existing client every day – just one – and check in with them

2.) Collect your past due money as fast as possible every month

3.) Start collecting email addresses of all of your customers and prospects

4.) Start tracking your advertising more closely – where are your leads really coming from?

5.) Force yourself/business to pay you no less than $10,000 more this year in salary – put it on the books and make it happen.

A resolution is just a firm decision to do something or stop doing something.

The trick is following through.


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