If Donald Trump Were a Landscape Business Owner

This is not about politics or rigged elections or the Russians or the popular vote or the electoral college or anything else that could get you in trouble at the dinner table.

I’m talking about how this guy was looked at as a “ridiculous candidate” with no shot going up against someone who was labeled as an absolute “shoe-in” for the Presidency.

I’m talking about the guy who did not stop, did not give up, kept pushing forward and did what he had to do to win.

I’m talking about the guy who has been harassed and threatened and publicly humiliated time and time again.

And on top of all of that, I am talking about the guy who raised and spent less than half as much money as his opponent on his campaign.

He believed. He didn’t give up. He connected with his audience. He kept on delivering his message as to why he was different than everyone else in politics.

As a landscape business owner, Donald Trump would be that guy that would take on head-to-head the biggest multi-million dollar established companies in his market and go after them.

He would advertise and promote. He would outwork his competition. He would sell prospects on why they should hire him and why he was different.

Like him, love him, despise him or whatever else you think of him politically, Donald Trump treated this election process like a business.

He created a plan, he stuck to the plan, he was organized, he was effective, he sold his message.


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