Your Truck Does Matter… Don’t Be a Pig

I told a friend of mine that the new gutters on my house were giving me fits. The installers made three different visits to try and get the angles and gaps just right so the water would find its way into the gutter and then down the downspouts.

My friend suggested I give this guy “Dusty” a call. He was a gutter guru apparently.

Dusty shows up and right away I knew why his nickname was “Dusty”.

His truck looked like it served two other purposes aside from fixing gutters – four wheeling and crash derby.

Dusty himself wasn’t exactly dressed professional but that is a different post for a different time.

Dusty decided to pull into my driveway. Awesome.

My immediate thought was “Leave it running so it doesn’t break down…”

Then I thought this guy might be one of those good ‘ol boys who is good at what he does and charges half as much as an insured, knowledgeable professional.

We talked, I showed him the problems, asked what he would want to fix them and he gave me a price that (as best I could calculate) equaled $100 per hour plus materials.

I turned and looked at his truck one last time. The hot dog smashed against the interior windshield, buried under papers, only visible from the outside was all that I needed to see.

I told Dusty I’d let him know…


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