Usually Something Like $25 to $45 Per Hour

How do we determine our prices for the lawn care and landscaping services we provide?

By the hour? By the job? By the equipment used? By the service provided?

The answer to this question always depends on who you are talking to.

In most cases – not all – but most cases, the sensible approach is to estimate how long something will take and then plug in your hourly rate per man and do the math.

Nothing makes me cringe more when I ask a lawn and landscape business owner what their hourly man rate is and they respond with something like…

“Usually something like $25 an hour…”

“The going rate around here is $40 per hour…”

Or even worse…

“I don’t know…”

Your hourly rate is not a number that you “make up” and it is not based on what other people charge either. Your hourly rate is YOUR HOURLY RATE based on math.

Do you know how to do this math? Do you know the correct way to determine your hourly rate?


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