Who Is Your Lawn and Landscape Business Website For?

When creating (or updating) our websites for our lawn care and landscaping businesses, who are we trying to impress? Who are we really building or updating this thing for?

Is it for our potential customers?

You might say that your site is constructed and worded in a way that helps your positioning in the search engines. Ok, fair enough.

But I am talking about the content on the site, the pictures, the categories and pages, etc.

Is it a boring grocery list of all of the services you provide? Maybe a few pictures of some work you have done?

For most small business owners, landscapers included, this is usually the case.

Instead, shouldn’t your website be created and updated in a way that shows your potential customer why they should consider you and why they should call you?

Shouldn’t you explain how you are different and why your company is the only call they need to make?

Search engine positioning is important, navigation is important and being mobile friendly is important. But if your website is not selling your business to the people visiting, it is not doing its job.


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