Is Your Lawn and Landscape Business Using Facebook The Right Way?

How often are businesses in our industry guilty of the following:grow your landscape business with facebook

Post on Facebook….two months ago….”Call us for all your lawn care and landscaping needs at 555-123-4567″

I see it everywhere and it drives me nuts.

What are the numbers – like 250 trillion people on Facebook now? I’m kidding – it is 1.5 billion. Yeah, almost everyone on earth.

But so many lawn and landscape business owners avoid Facebook or they use it the wrong way.

What’s the “wrong way”?

Being inconsistent and completely self-serving.

People using social media care about themselves. They stop and look at, read and maybe even share anything that is helpful for them…not you.

You posting every couple weeks or months is not going to get anyone’s attention – especially if what you are posting is an advertisement.

Be consistent – daily.

Post about your business, your services, your community, your customers… post articles, videos, pictures and do your best to help people, educate them and even entertain them.

That is what works. That is what will get their attention. That is what will make the phone ring off the hook.

If you do not have a Facebook page for your business, contact me. If you have a Facebook page for your business but you need help managing it, contact me. If you have a service providing Facebook management for you now, still contact me.

I can help –



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