The Green Industry Awards

Green Industry AwardsSometimes I get asked by companies to endorse or promote their products or services. Unless I have used their product or service, I decline. I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to convince or persuade you to buy or try something if I never have myself.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a group of business owners who created an industry awards program – Green Industry Awards

They explained that they felt that the industry needed to have a recognition process so that companies in our industry could be judged fairly on a local level versus competing against companies statewide or nationwide.

I agree.

You need to do everything you can to be unique – to stand out among all of the companies you are competing with in your market.

Nothing is more powerful than being able to proclaim that an independent and unbiased voting body selected you as the best at what you do.

From and advertising and public relations stand point alone, this is like gold.

The biggest, most established and most successful companies in our industry know this. That is why you will always see them promoting and bragging about the fact they were chosen as the “best” at this or “#1” at that.

Take a look at their site and apply –


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