When a Landscaper Knows Everything… or Nothing

Last week I was talking to a landscape business owner from Florida. This is his 19th year in business. I did not know anything about him or his business before we spoke. He told me he had read some of my blog posts in the past and wanted to know if I could give him some advice.

know it allHe proceeded to tell me that he is 47 years old, still out in the field working, but not necessarily by choice. He likes doing the work, but he is getting tired of working 45-60 hours outside every week. He told me that he could not find anyone to work for him consistently and the area of Florida where he provides his services is “more competitive than anywhere else in the country”.

So I started asking questions…

Usually when I ask business owners questions about their business they provide the answers and sometimes they feel the need to explain certain things.

But this guy was different.

He was very defiant. He felt like I was pointing out things he did or was doing wrong, and that just wasn’t the case. He had an answer for every answer if that makes sense.

So I asked him what he was doing or had done to increase and enhance his knowledge in the industry – magazines, trade shows, consulting, books, newsletters, etc.

He laughed and said the following…

“Why would I pay for any of that stuff when it is all free on the internet?”

Don’t be this guy.

I explained that learning from others who have been where he is or who have achieved what he hopes to achieve cuts down on time, mistakes and (almost always) money.

He wasn’t interested.

So I asked him if he reads any of the free industry magazines or newsletters that exist.

His answer…

“I don’t have time to read all that stuff.”

I figured I’d give it one last shot, so I asked him if he read any business books at all or belonged to any networking groups, forums, Facebook groups, etc.

You probably already know his answer, but here it is…

“This business isn’t that hard. Why would I talk to people who probably know less than I do?”

I wasn’t going to argue with him.

I kept my mouth shut. The conversation ended.

But I will tell you what I wanted to tell him…

Don’t be an idiot. Knowledge is power. The more you know the better off you will be. Read everything you can. Buy books. Sign up for newsletters. Pay to learn from someone else. I can’t even begin to tell you how much more successful, confident and informed you will be.

I have said it a million times… The business owners in our industry who succeed are those who learn how to do things the right way. They know how to make decisions. They know how to think. They know how to avoid mistakes.

So here is my shameless plug… If you are looking for a great book, check out “The Lawn Care Business Bible”. If you are looking for ongoing information and advice, sign up for “The Lawn Letter”. And finally, if you are looking for a coach or mentor, take a look at my “Coaching” program.



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