The Lawn and Landscape Business Owners Who Succeed

successIt has been studied for centuries. Books have been written in the thousands. Interviews, studies, movies and more – all about success and winning and achieving.

How is it that some people succeed and can do what needs done to reach the top of their industry and others are just merely floating along barely keeping their heads above water?

In the lawn and landscape industry there are so many companies… so many. Some small, just getting started and some that are enormous that are able to dominate their market.

And then there is every company in the middle. Obviously success in this case is not measured by the size of the  business. I can tell you right now I have met and worked with landscape business owners who were generating millions in revenue and weren’t even able to pay themselves.

As business owners success is for us to define and determine. Not everyone wants a big company with lots of employees. For some people, success is about freedom, happiness and financial security.

Regardless, success sometimes seems like this boogey-man that everyone is chasing but only few can pin down. Success starts with having a plan. Those who have achieved what they want to achieve started by actually knowing what they wanted in the first place.

First, they determine their end goal. Then they build a plan to get to that end goal. They adjust, learn and sacrifice along the way. They do not get distracted. They do not get derailed. If they make mistakes, they learn from them and keep moving forward.

Is there more to success than just this? Of course… but this is what you will always find in common with those who have achieved success and those who are well on their way to being successful – a goal, a plan and determination.


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