8 Ways to Get More Customers for Your Lawn and Landscape Business

New_Customers-wanted1.) Try a new marketing approach. Things can get stale and old quick. Customers and prospects get used to seeing the same old thing over and over again. You can still use “old” techniques, just try and make it something different or unique – create a flyer, offer a sale, create a coupon, start using email.

2.) Offer a new service. If you are a design-build company, run the numbers. Maybe it makes sense for you to maintain all of these beautiful landscapes you are creating. If you only mow lawns, maybe it is time for you to treat the lawns too. Once you decide on your new service, let everyone know in as many ways possible.

3.) Create a web site or update your existing site. People use the internet. No other way to say it. It’s where everyone goes for their information these days. Get your company online, get current, create new content, become a source of helpful information. People will find you.

4.) Get some publicity. Advertising is nice – you get to toot your own horn and tell everyone how wonderful you are. What’s even better is when someone else tells everyone how wonderful you are. If you have something unique, different or interesting going on, tell your local newspaper. Get them to write a story. This kind of press goes a long way.

5.) Ask for referrals. Turn to your customers, friends, family and neighbors. Ask them to tell others about your business. Offer them an incentive to do so – free mowing, 1/2 off next fertilizing application, etc…

6.) Get on the phone. Don’t worry about the people who tell you to get lost. Just smile and dial. Telemarketing is effective if done consistently and the caller is friendly, conversational and has something of value to offer. There is a significant difference between a local business owner calling neighbors offering them a helpful service and someone from a different state interrupting your dinner to offer you a new credit card.

7.) Get social. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, create one. Update it. Provide helpful information. Make friends. Don’t be afraid of Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn either. This is how people network in the 21st century.

8.) Make your web site mobile-friendly. Everyone has s mart phone and everyone uses their smart phone to find what they need and want. If your web site is not smart phone friendly, address this issue immediately.


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