The Lawn and Landscape Business Complete Success Program

The Most Comprehensive Program That Exists for Lawn and Landscape Business Owners That Teaches You How to Take a New or Average Business and Turn It Into Something Extraordinary… GUARANTEED

A Lawn and Landscape business is NOT an easy business to own, grow and make successful, but you already know this.

Most people have no idea what we go through on a daily basis – the things that keep us up at night staring at the ceiling – hoping our employees show up the next day, praying the weather cooperates so we can get our work finished and of course, crossing our fingers that several important checks arrive in the mail.

Why Do So Many People In Our Industry Fail?

Out of every 100 business owners in our industry, 96 of them will not make it to 10 years in business. Of the 4 people who do make it to 10 years or more, 2 business owners will be breaking even, 1 business owner will be making a little bit of money and 1 business owner will be successful.

They focus on the wrong things. They worry about the wrong things. They never make the effort to acquire the knowledge it takes to operate, organize and grow a business in our industry. They are satisfied with the way things are, hoping that everything works out. Unfortunately, as the statistics show, this is not a good approach.

So What Separates That 1 Guy From The Other 99?

It’s not money, it’s not location, it’s not age, it’s not connections and it certainly isn’t luck…

Plain and simple, those who succeed in this industry have… KNOWLEDGE. They know how to organize their business, what clients to work with, who to hire, how to manage them, how to advertise, how to handle their money, how to price their services, how to sell their services and so much more.

I Am NOT Just a Business Owner… I Have Made This Industry My Life.

When I decided I wanted to help others in the industry, I developed and owned both LawnSite and PlowSite that were the biggest networking and education sites in the industry. I was also the Vice President of the company that publishes TURF Magazine.

I have worked with business owners in many different ways over the last 15 years including 1-on-1 coaching, publishing books, creating websites, weekly podcasts and more.

Whenever I speak to a business owner or I give a presentation in front of business owners I am always told the same thing:

“It’s AMAZING. It is as if you know exactly what I am going through.”

Here It Is – Over 28 Years of Information, Examples and Advice That Will Turn Any Struggling or Average Lawn and Landscape Business Into an EXCEPTIONAL, Organized, Easy-to-Run, Money Making Company That is Designed to Give The Owner More Free Time and a Better Life

The Lawn and Landscape Business Complete Success Program.

Here is a SUMMARY of everything you will receive and have access to when you order this program:

  • The Lawn Care Business Bible Book (250 pages of information and advice)
  • Over 82 Hours of Audio Coaching (Each topic covered is listed below)
  • 195 Individual Tutorial Lessons (List of Lessons Below)
  • The Book of Templates & Examples (40 Different Examples Listed Below)
  • 33 Letters to Grow & Improve Your Business Book (List of Letters Below)
  • The Commercial Property System Book (74 pages with contracts and proposals)
  • 101 Ways to Grow & Improve Your Business Book (33 pages)
  • Fastest Way to Acquire New High Paying Clients Book (21 pages with letters)
  • The Mind of A Small Business Millionaire Book (27 pages)
  • No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Everything Received Instantly via E-mail When You Order
  • Audio Files That Can Be Downloaded and Listened to On Any Device

*Lawn Care Business Bible*
250 Pages of In-Depth Information & Advice

  • Analyzing and Fixing Your Business
  • Creating an Effective Budget
  • Cash Flow Strategies
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Job Bidding Examples
  • Estimating Strategies
  • Professional Account Winning Proposals
  • Tracking Your Time
  • Online Marketing – Website, Google, Directories, Facebook & More
  • Offline Marketing – Direct Mail, Door Hangers, Signs, Telemarketing & More
  • The Power of Networking
  • Raising Prices
  • Effective Sales Strategies
  • 3 Different Bidding Packages to Sell More Work
  • Understand What Customers Want
  • Up-Selling to Generate More Work That’s Better Work
  • Hiring a Salesperson
  • Go Where The Money Is to Grow Your Business Quickly
  • The Profile of The Ideal Client
  • Communicating With Clients Effectively
  • Getting Referrals, Reviews & Testimonials From Existing Clients
  • Collecting Money Owed to You
  • The Profile of The Ideal Employee
  • Employees – Finding, Interviewing, Hiring, Training, Compensating, Motivating
  • Field Manager & Office Manager
  • Creating Written Systems for Your Business
  • Difference Between Commercial & Residential

And More!

*Audio Coaching Collection*
Sample of 82 Hours of Speaking & Coaching

  • Describing The Perfect Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Business (51 mins)
  • Making Big Money Mowing Lawns (55 mins)
  • How to Dominate Your Competition (47 mins)
  • Scenarios: Employees That Do Not Get Along (64 mins)
  • Scenarios: Great Employee Fighting With a Good Customer (61 mins)
  • Get Better at Instructing Your Employees (70 mins)
  • Employees and The Millennial Generation (42 mins)
  • Pricing and The Sales Approach (34 mins)
  • Successful Business Owners vs. Those Who Fail (63 mins)
  • Where to Find Employees for Your Lawn and Landscape Business (60 mins)
  • Your Website, Google and SEO (56 mins)
  • The $600,000 Contract Discussion (65 mins)
  • Keep Employees Longer by Being a Leader Not a Boss (82 mins)
  • Understanding Finances, Cash, Debt and More (68 mins)
  • Systems Will Both Grow and Save Your Business (74 mins)
  • Hiring Older People Makes Sense (32 mins)
  • How Much is Too Much to Pay An Employee? (59 mins)
  • Selling Snow Contracts with Annual Pricing (54 mins)
  • Snow Removal Estimating (70 mins)
  • Buying a Business With Seller Financing (52 mins)
  • Burnout, Quitting, Frustration and Regret (46 mins)
  • Commercial Bidding and The Loss Leader (44 mins)
  • Marketing & Advertising – When Is Best Time? (42 mins)
  • Private Financing for Lawn and Landscape Businesses (50 mins)
  • How to Deal With Difficult Employees (45 mins)
  • Partnering With Other Companies (75 mins)
  • Are You Running a Business or Just Working Hard? (75 mins)
  • Telemarketing (68 mins)
  • Two Types of Business Owners (59 mins)
  • Employees Year Round & Extra Services (52 mins)
  • Growing Your Business with Intent to Be Big (56 mins)
  • Targeting High End Clients is a Process (45 mins)
  • Identifying, Labeling and Dealing with Your Competition (41 mins)
  • Hiring a Door Opener for Your Business Is a Good Move (46 mins)
  • Paying Employees Salary (32 mins)
  • Compensating Employees (28 mins)
  • Determining Your Company Hourly Rate (85 mins)

And More!

*195 Individual Tutorial Lessons*
Sample of Important Topics Covered One by One

  • The 3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business
  • My First $50,000 Contract
  • The 5 Things Every Landscape Business Should Do Heading Into The Winter
  • How I Got 26 Customers in One Neighborhood All At Once
  • 8 Ways to Get New Customers Inexpensively
  • 9 Surefire Ways to Succeed in The Lawn and Landscape Business
  • The $600,000 Contract
  • From Home Depot to $1,000,000 in Sales in 7 Years
  • 23 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Clients
  • 44 Ways to Generate More Revenue in The Fall and Winter
  • The Importance of Appearance and Presentation
  • Is a Crew Foreman Really Necessary?
  • How I Got 254 New Commercial Properties With One Phone Call
  • Difference Between a Good Employee and a GREAT Employee
  • Are Your Prices Competitive?
  • If You Are Looking for New Leads, This Is The Best Source
  • How to REALLY Bid Commercial Properties
  • Buy Struggling Landscaping Companies with No Money Out of Your Pocket
  • Collecting Money from Slow or Non-Paying Clients
  • Confessions of a Commercial Property Manager
  • Acquiring Those Country Club Members
  • When a Customer Claims The Service Was Not Performed
  • How to Effectively Deal With Unhappy or Angry Customers
  • Determining How Far to Travel for Your Customers
  • Don’t Hate Your Competition – Work With Them or Own Them
  • Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover – Potential Employees
  • Don’t Let Your Business Control You
  • Don’t Let Employees Mistake Your Kindness for Weakness
  • Equipment – New or Used?
  • An Effective and Quick Way to Grow Your Business – Low-Balling???
  • Getting Past The Gatekeeper
  • How Super Successful People Spend 24 Hours In a Day
  • How to Get Your Potential Customers to Choose You and Not The Competition
  • TRULY Understanding The Insurance Coverage You Need
  • Does Your Company Bid Work or Sell Work?
  • Getting Out of The Field As An Owner
  • Monthly Package Maintenance Pricing for Your Clients – Part 1, 2 & 3
  • It’s Been a Long Time Since You Raised Prices – Do It Now
  • Price Only Matters If You Let It
  • Selling Fall Clean-Up Services
  • The First Time I Ever Bought Accounts from Another Business
  • Top 10 Ways Landscape Business Owner Should Use Winter “Vacation”
  • Leave Behind That Will Triple Your Business
  • Track Where Your Customers Come From So You Can Get More
  • You Can’t Grow Your Business With Flyers, Right? WRONG!
  • Protect Your Best Employees No Matter What
  • Advertise Your Business This Time of Year to Make NO Money
  • Pushing The Limits on Pricing Your Services
  • How Reviews Can Ruin Your Business Quickly
  • How to Fire an Employee The Right Way
  • When It Makes Sense to Offer “Other” Services
  • The Talented Employee… That is a Total Jerk
  • Being Busy and Being Productive Are Not The Same Thing
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Your Employees
  • Growing Your Landscaping Business In Your Sleep
  • Making HUGE Money with Small Commercial Properties
  • The Importance of Systems for Your Business
  • Never Reward Bad Behavior
  • That Kid in School Who Was Always Prepared and Your Business
  • Give Directions Like You’re Talking to a Child
  • Extra Commercial Maintenance Services That Can Seal The Deal
  • Make Adjustments When Necessary or Prepare to Fail
  • Does Size Matter in The Lawn and Landscape Industry?
  • How to Deal With Burn Out
  • Fast Food Restaurants Can Change Your Business Forever
  • Do You Want More Customers or More Money?

And More!

*The Book of Templates and Examples*
Sample of 40 Different Items You Can Use for Your Business

  • High-End Residential Maintenance Proposal
  • Monthly Property Evaluation
  • Craigslist Ad for Employees
  • Interview Questions for Potential Employees
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Commercial Site Inspection Sheet
  • Employee Handbook
  • Business Systems List
  • Advertising Examples

And More!

*33 Letters to Grow & Improve Your Business*
Sample of Letters Included

  • Introduction to Commercial Property Manager
  • Acquiring New Customers Direct Mail Letter
  • Monthly Payment Options
  • Start of a New Season
  • Raising Prices
  • I.P. Customer Letter
  • Collection Letters
  • Welcome to The Neighborhood
  • Suggestions for Additional Services
  • Referral Request

And More!

*The Commercial Property System Book*
Sample of Instruction and Examples

  • Determining The Right Commercial Client
  • Finding Commercial Clients and Decision Makers
  • Meeting The Client for The First Time
  • The Proposal
  • How to Bid Commercial Maintenance Work
  • Your Employees and Commercial Work
  • Presenting Your Proposal
  • Detailed Commercial Proposal Example

And More!

*The 101 Ways to Grow & Improve Your Business*
Sample of Tips Included in Book

  • How to Remain Motivated
  • Watch Your Competition
  • Survey Your Clients
  • Send Thank You Notes
  • Co-Advertising
  • Employee Appreciation Picnics
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Hire The Best You Can Afford
  • Safety Matters
  • Say No
  • Flyers Still Work
  • Gift Cards
  • Mechanics
  • Stock The Fridge
  • Employee Flexibility
  • Bidding Questions
  • Employee Challenges
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Open Door Policy
  • Sell Ahead of Time

And More!

*Fastest Way to Acquire High Paying Clients Book*
Sample of Instruction & Letter

  • The Tools You Need
  • Your Audience
  • Areas to Target
  • Virtual Neighborhood
  • Assessment Website
  • Mailing List
  • The Envelope
  • The Letter
  • Delivery
  • Timing

And More!

*The Mind of a Small Business Millionaire Book*
Sample of Tips and Advice

  • Discipline
  • Technology
  • Relating to People
  • Save and Invest Money
  • Buying Right
  • Being Creative
  • Taking Smart Risks
  • Routines and Systems
  • Hiring and Delegating
  • The 40+ Rule

And More!

It’s Time… Are You Ready to Invest In Yourself and Your Business?

To Recap One More Time What You Will Receive INSTANTLY via E-MAIL When You Order… Meaning NO WAITING!

  • The Lawn Care Business Bible Book
  • 82 Hours of Audio Coaching
  • 195 Individual Tutorial Lessons
  • The Book of Templates & Examples
  • 33 Letters to Grow & Improve Your Business Book
  • The Commercial Property System Book
  • 101 Ways to Grow & Improve Your Business Book
  • Fastest Way to Acquire New High Paying Clients Book
  • The Mind of A Small Business Millionaire Book
  • NO Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee Within 30 Days If Not Satisfied
  • Instant Delivery via E-Mail
  • All Files Are Easy to Download and Use in PDF Format
  • Audio Files Can Be Downloaded and Listened to On Any Device


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